Marika Vilisaar

Legal Specialist / Innovation Practice Leader

Marika is a Legal Specialist and Innovation Practice Leader with more than seven years experience from Europe to Asia. She has worked in both private as well as public sector (including in domestic and international judiciary as well as in academia) and led multidisciplinary teams across different continents. While her speciality is offering innovative solutions and legal tools for entrepreneurial, conservation and sustainability projects, her particular passion lies in sustainable fisheries.

Practice Areas:

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability
  • Startups, Emerging Companies & SMEs
  • PPP
  • Public International Law, Environmental Law & Law of the Sea
  • Sustainable Fisheries / Aquaculture
  • Legal Reform
  • Project Preparation & Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management

Her top accomplishments include:

  • Market analysis and development of a novel first of its kind fisheries PPP scheme in the Philippines for a New York impact investment fund to achieve conservation goals, improve livelihood impacts on fishers and deliver return on investment for blue funding;
  • Launching a pro bono feeder of cross-country innovation in Vietnam called Targeted Innovation Challenge (TIC), where inventor teams are provided with an environmental challenge and a pre-developed solution upon which they add further innovation and prototyping skills to co-develop a solution to the problem that is capable of commercialization;
  • Supporting Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) with private sector development, startup ecosystem building and SME support in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam;
  • Supporting Danang’s city incubator, along with its startups, on the growth of the city’s startup ecosystem by developing a startup legal toolkit and providing direct legal support to entrepreneurs in collaboration with Mekong Business Initiative (MBI)

… to name a few.