Trang Nguyen


Practice Areas:

  • Investment
  • Corporate/ Commercial Law
  • Employment
  • Startups and Innovation

Trang Nguyen has constantly focused on resolving legal issues and is always looking for optimal ways to improve and evolve investment and corporate related processes.  She helped and is taking over many foreign investment projects in Vietnam, including but not limited to establishing a Taiwanese-invested e-commerce project which has been serving as a bridge between sellers and customers here in Vietnam and other parts of the world; setting up a Korean-invested shoe-manufacturing project; and forming different legal entities, funded by investors from Singapore, Australia, America, Hong Kong, Germany and Sweden, in order to do business in Vietnam for instance in craft clothing, beer distribution, and craft brewing companies.

Besides, she also assisted in providing clients with legal advice on transactions related to various legal aspects of the laws of Vietnam – whether it is an aircraft lease agreement made up by an aviation LLC in Ireland and an aviation JSC in Vietnam; credit agreements between permitted banks in Vietnam and its partners; or project transfer agreements.  

Trang is not only involved in the formation of such companies, but also provides assistance throughout the operation process in dealing with every legal aspect and corresponding issue that may arise. This has helped her to improve practical understanding of the laws of Vietnam in general and investment/corporate law in particular, and give her an invaluable insight into how a legal establishment operates on a daily basis including such issues as case handling, and client management.