Investment Practice

Frontier advises on a wide range corporate and commercial matters, particularly in Vietnam and Asia, offering a full range of legal services for startups, established companies, investors and lenders.

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Our Investment Practice is heavily focused on startups and cross-border deals in Vietnam where we have a team of qualified corporate, commercial and IP lawyers. We also represent regional clients outside of Vietnam in specific areas such as renewables, agriculture, fisheries, food & beverage and new technologies. We differ from most firms in that we have invested in some of our clients and are commercializing some of our own projects. Therefore, we approach corporate and commercial law from a pragmatic investor’s experience base, rather than an academic, desk top review perspective.

Full Range of Legal Services

  • Business registration and licensing
  • Corporate secretarial services and filings
  • Business structuring and shareholder arrangements
  • Market entry advice
  • Regulatory advice
  • Due diligence
  • Joint ventures and investment structuring, especially cross-border JVs
  • Intellectual property and trademark protection
  • IP licensing
  • Trademark infringement and counterfeits investigation
  • Commercial contracts
  • Human resource contracts
  • Corporate financing, including commercial financing and private equity placement
  • Project finance for sponsors and lenders, particularly related to our Infrastructure Practice

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We work with both the private and public sectors on infrastructure projects across a number of sectors in Asia, where we are thought leaders in the region’s development of public-private partnerships.

Seasoned Infrastructure Advisors

Under our Infrastructure Practice, Frontier delivers practical solutions for sponsors and lenders on private infrastructure projects and stands out as a thought leader in public-private partnerships (PPP) across Asia. We offer a broad range of legal and advisory services for the development, financing and implementation of infrastructure projects and the design of legal frameworks supporting infrastructure development.

Full Range of Legal Services

Private Sector Support

  • Market analysis and entry support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Regulatory assessment and advice
  • Formation of project companies and JVs
  • Bidding support
  • Drafting and negotiation of project documentation, including concessions (e.g. BOT), EPC, O&M;, feedstock/fuel supply, off-take (e.g. PPA), land lease, guarantees and project financing documentation
  • Lenders’ due diligence and project financing documentation support
  • Taking and perfecting project security
  • Closing project financing

Public Sector Support

  • Regulatory review and gap analysis
  • Policy development
  • Institutional structuring
  • Capacity building
  • Drafting laws, regulations and guidance materials
  • Public procurement, including developing bidding materials
  • Contract templates and guidelines
  • Public financing of infrastructure projects, especially viability gap funding (VGF) and government guarantee management schemes
  • Transaction advisory support on individual projects

Scope & Approach

Our work crosses a number of sectors, including most recently conventional power, renewables, transportation (roads, rail, airports, ports), fishing ports, hospitals, solid waste management, bulk water and wastewater management. We work well with other financial and technical advisory firms to deliver full transaction advisory support across Asia. Our approach to infrastructure is always pragmatic and grounded on real project experience, having worked across the entire spectrum of infrastructure development from helping governments design the legal regime to assisting sponsors implement their projects to representing lenders in the financing of projects.


We are deeply engaged in Asia’s startup ecosystem and growing innovations economy, working with entrepreneurs to commercialize the next big thing, investors to forge stronger ventures and with cities to develop better policies to stimulate innovation.

The Next Legal Frontier

Under our Innovations Practice, Frontier proves itself as a team of creative, big thinkers who work closely with clients to realize the future. Our Innovations Practice reflects the disruptive side of Frontier where we partner with startups, investors, NGOs, development partners, inventors, governments and impact investment funds to create new social and for-profit business models. We have adopted the non-traditional term “Innovations Practice” because our services do not fit under an ordinary label. Our skills and services bridge many sectors and disciplines, all ultimately requiring our team’s collective creative intelligence to help clients convert ideas into realities.

Full Range of Legal Services

  • New business model development and implementation
  • Formation of social enterprises
  • Startup ecosystem support to city governments
  • Professional support to startups and entrepreneurs
  • Commercialization of inventions and new business models
  • New PPP model development
  • SME policy support
  • Investor networking and JV development
  • Market entry support
  • Financing of startups
  • Community based investment projects
  • Structuring of investment funds
  • Branding and licensing
  • Patent support


Our multidisciplinary approach is grounded in our ethos to do meaningful work and our value proposition that our clients hire us for our brain power–not to regurgitate information they otherwise could find on the internet themselves. We give back by leveraging our professional skills and incubating our own social projects. Frontier has launched the Targeted Innovations Challenge in Danang, Vietnam where we challenge and guide university students through the invention of solutions to real world problems. Got a great idea? Talk with Frontier. Chances are, we’ll get it.